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A Study of The Book of Acts;  The Acts of the Apostles

Welcome to our study of the book of Acts.  The proper title should probably be, “The Acts of the Apostles”, because that’s really what the book tells of.  It tells of the various things which the apostles of Jesus Christ did, from the time that Jesus ascended back to heaven, until the end of the apostle Paul’s last missionary journey.

Some of the most notable events described in the book of Acts are, the ascension of Jesus;  The preaching of the first gospel sermon, which includes the requirements of “repentance and baptism”, in order to attain the forgiveness of sins and the entrance into the kingdom of God;  The first persecution of the church and the dispersal of Christians;  The preaching of the gospel to the Gentles and the acceptance of Gentiles into the kingdom;  Nine separate examples of people being converted to Christianity, including the conversion of Saul, who became the apostle Paul;  And various examples of Christian living and Christian conduct.

A comprehensive study of the book of Acts will enrichen the life and faith, of all who seek to better know God and His will for us.


This study will be conducted through the comment section below.  Please leave your questions or comments and join us in our study.  And of course you’re welcome to simply view the comments and questions of others, and read the bible answers to those questions.

*Please note that the latest comments, questions and replies are shown first.  Therefore if you are following a study from the beginning, you will want to begin at the bottom of the page, and work your way up.

Thanks for joining us, and may God bless you in your studies.




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  1. Jim
    You are right using bible word is pretty simple. I to like the way spoke because he used lots phrases that example his thought like in (Eph 5:22) to explain the fruit of the Spirit. He does that many times,Paul happens to be my favorite writer of course he wrote most of the New Testament. He gets very specific, specially when he describes sinners and righteous! Anyway I like the way He writes.

    1. “Call bible things by bible names”, and “Do bible things in bible ways”. Two great sayings that emerged from the restoration movement in this country in the early 1800’s. Have you studied the restoration movement very much?

      1. Jim,
        The last comments I see now that I was not very clear. I left to many words out, I was not feeling to well. I wanted to tell that using bible word is the best way. That is why I like to read Paul’s letters I like the way in (gal 5:22). If fact that whole chapter Paul uses lots of words to describe Spirit and flesh.
        No, Jim I have not read much on the restoration movement. I mostly just study the bible. I am not much of a reader the bible is what keeps my interest! Every once in while I’ll read an article.
        Jim, I’ll leave for now still not feeling to good. Hope I did better in this letter.
        Our Father and Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

  2. Jim,
    I believe we are saying the same thing. Just different words. When you say physical, I might say (wrongly,bad,sinful,disobedient, flesh). When you say spiritual, I might say good,godly,righteous, rightly or Christ like.
    I am more use to using the simpler words. When I was the military I was an instructor, a drill Sgt and a tank commander! In the military they taught to always use words that fitted our listeners. My listeners most the time were 18 to 35 year olds. So my style is a simpler way, I think. I think God planned that way so that all His peoples could be taught to their understanding.
    It is all of God’s, will different words, different languages, even different styles. God’s plan is beyond our understanding sometimes. But, we are saying the same thing. That’s why I like to listen to what others say. That way I learn a different way of looking at people. As long as God’s word gets out that is good. Do you agree with this, as long as we stay within the word?
    Military taught me that the English language or rather America’s language is the hardest to understand. Because we have so many words that mean the same thing.

    1. Yes indeed. I you are absolutely right, and I agree with you. The words that I believe we should always use (so that there is no confusion or no question about what is meant) are the same words that the bible uses. Therefore, the words that I really should be using, are the words of the apostle Paul, from the book of Romans, which are the “inner man” (spiritual) and the “outer man” (physical). But I like what you say about using words that our listeners can understand and identify with. Good training! In the lesson that I’m doing on this subject, I try to explain that it is the physical (dust from the earth; Gen 2:7) which makes up our body, and then the spiritual (the breath of life; Gen 2:7) which is our spirit, which are combined by God, to make us the “living soul” that we are. The body and spirit, and soul, is a very misunderstood subject. Most people think that as human beings, we are made up of three parts, namely.. body, soul, and spirit. However this is not correct according to Genesis 2:7. That verse tells us that “The Lord God made man (the body of Adam) of the dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (a living spirit) and man (the body of Adam) BECAME a living soul.” I emphasize the word “became” to illustrate the fact that the “soul” is not a third part of a human being, but rather, the body and spirit are the two parts of a human being. A “living soul” is what the body “became” when the spirit was joined to the body, by God Himself. The “nature” of man is a very interesting topic. Would you like to read a lesson that I did on the subject?

      1. Jim,
        Most cercernly I would like to read your lesson. Anything and everything that is done for God from a brother is very encouraging to me. And I thank you for the work you are doing there. I prayer for your strength in the Lord. May our Lord bring peace and wisdom.
        May the love of God through Jesus Christ strength the brothers and sisters.
        Sometimes it’s hard to know what we are saying with a few words. Once we expand on it, it is better understood. It would be so wonderful if we could be face to face. So we could encourage each other.
        Because people from the congregation live far apart. It is hard to get together more often to study with each other. But I for one am graceful that God has given the person. Who came up with these tools (computers,tables and pocket phone). The knowledge to invent these things. God has a way of making things happen to spread the word. And to show our love for each even though we are far apart.
        God be with you and the brothers and sisters there in our Lord’s church.

  3. Brother Jim,
    The only one scripture that comes to mind in (Hebrews 9:22) without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.
    This will be short, I know that you need time to prepare for Sunday. So I just want you to know that I will be praying for you. So the your sermon will be a blessing for the brothers and sisters. May God give you a ready heart and mind in those things that you have studied.
    I know it takes a loving heart to preach the word of God. And that beautiful are the feet of those that preach the gospel. So may God bless you and your family. May all of you have great day on the Lord’s day. Peace to the congregation there and my love to those in attendance.
    God the Father, our Lord Jesus Christ and the Spirit be with the brothers and sisters.

    1. Right, without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness. And Heb 10:4 says; “For it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins.” Therefore, the blood of the lamb of God had to be shed. And Heb 9:15 says; “And for this reason, He is the mediator of a new covenant, in order that since a death has taken place for the redemption of the transgressions that were under the first covenant..” The blood of Jesus was also for the redemption of the sins committed by those who lived previously, as well as those who live now, and for those who will live in the future! Thanks for all the kind words David. I truly appreciate you.

      1. Brother Jim,
        I thank our God, for bring you across my path of life. In todays busy world there are not to many people that want to take time. To study and discuss God’s word.
        I don’t remember if I have told that I did some preaching for about 10 yrs while Germany. Than I return to Kentucky and was appointed an Elder for the congregation that we were baptized in. God has blessed us with a full and complete life. God has given both my wife,me and family a wonderful life.
        I continue to study because I believe that a person can never stop learning the scriptures. One of God’s thoughts can give a person so many answers for different questions. That Christianity is a way of life not just a two day way(Sunday and Wednesday) life.
        One same scripture can mean something different to you but something else to me. But, still just say what God say in His thought as what we need. Sometimes God does not want us to know certain things. We always need to pray for God’s wisdom from the Holy Spirit. I believe that Jesus gave the apostles and us His spirit. The hunger to want to learn, understand,obey and teach God’s word. To be servants to one another with love.
        But, we have to study because not all acts and teaching of Jesus could be written down. Like in says in John 20:30 (not everything can be written down). All the answers are in God’s word we have to study and find them.
        May the peace of Jesus Christ be with you!

        1. Thanks for your comments David. We had a great Lord’s day worship service, and bible study yesterday. I hope you did also. Now the “prep” begins all over again, for another bible class, and for two more sermon lessons. We’re studying the Holy Spirit, and His work, on Sunday mornings. Next Sun morn will be a lesson on the two natures of man. Sunday eve is a continuing series on “spiritual conditions”.

          1. Jim,
            When you say the two natures of men. Do you mean like be the (old man and the new man). The fight that we have everyday between good and evil! Trying to be a Christian or acting as the rest of world. That should very interesting. The sinful nature has many advantages over us, that’s because even for Christians it’s very hard to say No. Because the Father of lies is very good at disgusting a lie.
            Like for example the temptations of Jesus there are some that say that Jesus was tempted. But, the truth is that Jesus resisted the the temptations. Jesus was tempted the temper (the devil). But He was tempted to except the offer. That because Jesus was human like us, He felt like us tempted. Which is far from the truth. When the devil tempted Jesus He did not hesitate. He responded right away. (It is written) which to me that was a way of Jesus saying No! Today they are the Jesus was human so it was that He thought like us. Us, we might have thought with our stomachs and could have be tempted. I believe that Jesus did not even give it a second thought. The reason I say that is because just look at the many times Jesus warns us about temptations. He says it in the prayer He taught the apostles. (deliver from temptations, warns the apostles pray so that you do not fall into temptations, the example of Adam and Eve they did fall into temptation, Balaam he fall into temptation). Because of what it says in (Hebrews 2:17) therefore He had to be like His brothers and sisters in everyway…..)
            I do not believe Jesus’s stomach was not like ours in a senses of speaking. He self willing to obeince to the death. Remember the woman at the well. When His apostles were telling to eat. Jesus said I have food you do not know about (John 4:32).
            Yes, He suffered just like we suffered when tempted but, we are easier to be fooled. Jesus’s will is stronger than His desire. Where our desires are stronger than our will to obey.
            High priest had to offer sacrifice for themselves but, Jesus does not doing repeatedly. Jesus did not offer sacrifice for Himself, He was the sacrifice. Perfect in everyway, without sin, without blemish, spotless, He did not desire as we might.
            I hear what Jesus tells us about if you look at a woman lustfully you have already committ adultery in your heart (Matt. 5:28). That is to be tempted once you think about it you have already sinned. Because, (Hebrews 4:12 & 13). God knows our every intention.
            Yes, Jesus was tempted in everyway and sympathize with our weaknesses. But, His heart was never tempted He never desire, think,felt weak, He resisted or else He could not have been a perfect sacrifice.
            I believe you think it, you have done it in your heart. Best just resist and say No!

          2. What I mean by the two natures of man, is our physical nature, and our spiritual nature. God joined our spirit, to our physical bodies, thus giving us a “dual-nature”. Of course God is of one nature, being 100% spiritual. (“God is Spirit.” John 4:24) But since we are of this dual nature, the bible say that those two natures are at war within ourselves, because those two natures are in opposition to one another. (Romans 7:23, and 8:6-7) It’s an interesting subject to study. Do you see how we will always be in this predicament, as long as we dwell in this physical body?

  4. Brother Jim,
    Like I said before the question about what happened to Jesus physical body. I had never had it asked so I never had looked into subject. I know that we become a spiritual body. And you answer what questions I had coming. Thank you for your time and answers. It saved me alot of time now all I have to do is review your comment.

      1. Brother Jim,
        After the gospels of Jesus Christ. To the next book in line of favorite is the book of Acts. Because it shows us how God’s power through the Holy Spirit. Maded the church grow and spread to the world.
        How the apostles continue to teach and preach Jesus death, burial and resurrection.
        It gives us a pattern to follow so we can continue to bring people to God to be added to the church Jesus build. The sad thing I see is that there are to many churches of Christ today. That think that if they lean to the left just a little. They can make the grow in numbers. They are forgetting that God is not interested in numbers. But, wants quality, the world was saved with eight people! Because they walked with God’s instructions.
        Some people think that their signs of miracles will bring people to God. But if people would just teach what Jesus taught. It would be alot easier to bring people to God. Signs were there for a propose but are no more. The words of Jesus are so power and loving that they alone are powerful enough to bring people to God.

        1. Thanks David for your comments. What people don’t understand about making little “changes” to the gospel, for the sake of attracting more people, is this; When you change the gospel, it’s not the gospel any longer, and what they are preaching will no longer save anyone. So then even if they attracted the whole world to themselves, they wouldn’t be bringing any to Christ. They would simply have a house full of lost souls. The world already is full of lost souls, that’s the whole purpose of the PURE word of God. If a person refuses to respond to the pure word of God, then they cannot be saved. I’m very fond of the book of Romans. Do you like that book too?

          1. Brother Jim,
            Even thought the book of Romans has alot of great info. And I learned plenty from it. I think I that the books of Hebrews and the book of James come to heart and mind. And I read them often. It gives me great satisfaction, in Hebrews it reminds me and gives me peace to be reminded that we have a high priest (Jesus Christ). And the faith that others before me had and were successful. The book of James continues to show just how important faith is for us and to believe in the things not seen. Because we do have the promises of God. And that God can not and will not lie. That God loves us so much that God gave His beloved Son for us.
            Faith and works go together. These are just of few reasons that I loves these two books. But, the truth of the matter is that there isn’t a book of the bible that does not have great meanings to me. They all have things that are important to us. The old books have examples and new books have instructions for us to live by today and tomorrow!

          2. Hi David. Sorry I am late getting back to you. I love those two books also. The book of Kames is so helpful in refuting the false teaching that forgiveness is by faith alone. The only verse in the whole bible, where the two words “faith” and “alone” are both used in one verse, is James 2:24, where it says “You see how a man is justified by works, and NOT by faith alone!” Pretty clear words, but yet so many refuse to believe them! And of course Hebrews is the one book that says so much about how the old covenant is gone, and the new covenant has taken it’s place. Again, that teaching si so plain and clear in that book, but yet so many refuse to believe that also. How sad, to disbelieve the very words of God. And then Hebrews teaches that there was NO forgiveness of sins under the old law of Moses. Did you know that? Do you know which verses teach that?

  5. Brother
    Yes I know the gift is eternal life thur Jesus! Jesus said I am the bread of life (John 6:48). And Jesus is the answer the promise and thur Him is knowledge also! That’s why it is important to preach the gospel. The apostle were instructed to do.
    Sometimes we ask questions that are clear to understand so we an answer and that’s not what you are looking for! Questions are maded so broad that it’s hard to answer in a short time.(Matt 4:4) Jesus also said it written man does not live by bread alone. But every word the comes from the mouth God! That too is part of the answer as far as the Holy Spirit (as the promise). And just those verses are telling us alot that I believe people miss.

    1. I like your response David. Jesus is indeed the bread of life. He is the “bread” which sustains us. And yes again, we must believe and live by every word which has been given to us, not just what suits us. I have a question for you. In Acts 2:27, the bible says; “Because Thou will not abandon My souls to hades, nor allow Thy Holy One to see decay.” That means that Jesus’ spirit was resurrected from hades (the “unseen” abode of all departed spirits) and that His physical body was also resurrected from the tomb, so that His body would not decay like all other human bodies do after death. But physical bodies cannot enter into heaven. Therefore, what happened to the physical body of Jesus, and do you understand that no one else will be resurrected with a physical body?

      1. Brother,
        That is a good question. What happened to Jesus physical body? That is something no one has asked me before. And something I have never given thought to? So I really do not know.
        If you know than please tell me your thoughts. I would really like to know that.

        1. The bible does have an answer for us, but it is not an “exact” and “precise” answer. Let me explain; The bible speaks about our physical death in Ecclesiastes 12:7; “Then the dust returns to dust as it was, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.” So we know for sure that our physical bodies, which come form the dust of the ground (Gen 2:7) will return to the dust of the ground; All except for the body of Jesus, because the Father would not allow that to happen (Acts 2:27). So that’s what happens to the physical bodies of everyone who dies before Christ returns. But wat about those who are alive when Christ returns? 1 Corinthians 15:51 tells us; “Behold, I tell you a mystery, we shall not all sleep, (we will not all die) but we will all be changed” In other words, some will remain alive when the resurrection occurs. (The topic of discussion in this passage is the resurrection) So then those who remain alive up until the resurrection will be “changed”. This refers to their physical bodies being changed, since verse 50 had just told us that “flesh and blood could not inherit the kingdom of God”. So the question still remains; What actually happens to the physical body? Does it simply cease to exist when we are “changed” from having a physical body, to having a spiritual body? Or does our spirit leave our physical body, and enter our spiritual body at that time? This is what we’re not told exactly. But whatever the case is, that’s obviously what happened to the physical body of Jesus as well, on the day that He ascended back to heaven. That of course of described in Acts 1:9 thru 11. the apostles watched as Jesus (in His physical body) ascended into the sky, and “a cloud received Him out of their sight”. Since the physical body of Jesus (flesh and blood) could not inherit the kingdom of God, His Spirit must have left His body at that point, and entered into His spiritual body. The bible doesn’t allow us to conclude anything other than that. But what we don’t know for sure is this; Did Jesus’ body “disintegrate” back into dust? Or did it simply cease to exist? maybe we’ll find out when we get to heaven.

          1. Brother Jim,
            I see what you are saying is true. But, there is one thing I have a question on? In (vs 1:11) there are two men that say, men of Galilee this same Jesus that has been taken from you into heaven. Will come back to you in the same way! In (vs 1:10) these two men dressed in white.
            1. If Jesus is coming back in the same way? Is Jesus coming back in the flesh, in the spirit or in an imagine?
            God says we are maded in His imagine. This mean that we look like God.
            2. The two men where did they come from? And were they in the flesh or Spirit?
            3. Is it possible that our spirit will have a imagine in the spirit?
            I am not questioning your answer, just that I question myself on this.
            I have other questions on this subject? My father always told me to ask questions if I wanted to learn anything. Always question yourself in front of others, they might teach you something new?
            Since you brought this subject up and I had never seen this question before me. Or had never thought of this Jesus going and coming back? Who knows Jim God might be telling to find this answer?
            I am glad I met you Jim, young preachers today just because they went to a school and have been preaching. They think they know everything. They get offended if you dare to question them. They do not want to listen and maybe learn something. I have been studying for almost 40 years. I always learn more the more I study the more I question myself and others this is the way we learn about God. The more we know about Jesus and God will be better for us to learn to be more like them! I think both of us will learn something or maybe never know because that’s what God might want.
            Like I have said before every word that comes out of God’s mouth is important. And is there for a reason. Maybe God will reveal us to an answer to our questions that you have bought up?
            Hope you will want to follow this question farther? There are other questions I have on this?

          2. The two men speaking to the apostles in Acts 1:10-11 were obviously angels of God, evidenced by the fact that one moment they were not there, and the next moment they were there, standing beside the apostles. As to your question about the meaning of Jesus returning “in the same way as you have watched Him go”, the bible gives us the answer. Verse 9 tells us how Jesus ascended back to heaven. It says; “..He was lifted up while they were looking on, and a cloud received Him out of their sight.” So then the “way” in which He left, was that “a cloud received Him out of their sight”. The scripture doesn’t say a word as to the body of Jesus, or the appearance of Jesus, only that “a cloud received Him out of their sight”. Now, listen to how we are told He will return, in Revelation 1:7; “Behold, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye shall see Him..” Now listen to the description of that event, given in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17; “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first; Then we who are alive and remain, shall be caught up together with them IN THE CLOUDS, to meet them..” The Lord will come “in the clouds”. When Jesus ascended, “a cloud received Him out of their sight”, and when He returns, “He is coming with the clouds”, and we shall meet Him, “in the clouds”. “In the clouds”, is how He left, and He will return in the same way. Jesus is not coming back in the flesh, because “the Lord Himself will descend from heaven”, and there will be no flesh and blood in heaven (1 Cor 15:50), therefore Jesus cannot be flesh and blood. Jesus will obviously come in the Spirit, and with a “spiritual body”. 1 Cor 15:44 tells us; “..If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body.” Verse 46 says; “However the spiritual is not first, but the natural, then the spiritual.” 1 John 3:2 tells us; “Now we are children of God, and it has not appeared as of yet, what we shall be (what we shall be in the resurrection. ie..what our body will be) “We know that when He appears, we shall be like Him, because we shall see Him just as He is.” Jesus will come “with the clouds”, and ‘every eye shall see Him”, and “we shall see Him like He is”, and “We shall be alike Him”, in a spiritual body. What other questions do you have David? If the answers have been revealed to us, the bible will have the answers. I do appreciate our time studying!

          3. I completely know what you mean about people getting offended when you question their beliefs. And it’s not only young preachers, it’s almost everyone. I truly appreciate your willingness to study and learn. I learn just about every time that I study for a lesson or a sermon. When we stop learning, we stagnate as Christians, and we stop pleasing God. Thanks David!

      2. Brother,
        This is just a thought of mine not a believe.
        God made us in His own image. So if we are in His image, does God have a body?
        And if Jesus is sitted a the right hand of God ? Only a body can sit, is it possible the Jesus and God do have body, but we become like spirit of God?
        Just like angels are they not also a difference between them , us and God?
        I will look for a scriptural answer, if you have one I sure would like to know. Before I die! Which we are not sure when that might happen. It could take me years I might not have.

        1. Since God is Spirit (John 4:24) being made in “God’s image” refers to being made in the spiritual image of God. But does God have a “spiritual body”? The scripture says that Jesus does. 1 John 2:3 says; “Beloved, now we are children of God, and it has not appeared as of yet, what we shall be. (what we will “look like” in heaven) We know that when He appears, we shall be like Him, because we shall see Him just as He is.” So then, evidently, Jesus does have some sort of “spiritual body”. And since Jesus is God, I would assume that God in His entirety, (as the Father and Son and their Spirit combined) has some sort of “spiritual body”. The phrase, “Sitting at the right hand of God” is a figure of speech. It doesn’t literally mean that Jesus is on God’s right side. “The right hand of God” figuratively means “the power of God”. That’s where we get the phrase, “our right hand man”, meaning that this man is the one who gets things done for us. In the same way, Jesus is God’s “right hand man” so to speak. Jesus is the one who has been given all authority, and He is the one who “gets things done”, so to speak. He is the “power of God”! The Holy Spirit is also described in scripture as being “the power of God”. That’s just one example of how Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, are one and the same. Are you interested in studying the “oneness” of the Father and the Son, and their one “Holy Spirit”?

          1. Well thank you Jonathan. Are you interested in studying with me? We could study Romans or any other book of the bible as well. Or any subject as well. Please let me know if we can study further. Thanks gain for your comments.

  6. Brother
    What I see in Acts is that I believe it is very clear. That Peter out his mouth spoke and as he spoke those different languages came out of his mouth. That’s why they saw and heard him in their own languages. I believe that this is what people are afraid to say.
    Do you not think the Holy Spirit could do that? If you don’t than how do explain them seeing and understanding Peter? Please tell me am I wrong? Why do you think this was taught long ago? Have you ever heard this?

    1. Good morning David. Thanks for your reply. You are correct in saying different languages came out of Peter’s mouth. That’s what the scripture says. But you are incorrect in thinking that it was ONLY Peter who spoke different languages. Once again, verse 4 is as clear as it can be when it says; “And they were ALL filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues..” All of them, not just Peter. How can the verse be any clearer? Let’s just deal with this one fact for right now, until we are in agreement. Do you believe that they all spoke in other languages, like the verse says? Or do you think that only Peter spoke in “other tongues”, which would be a contradiction to the scripture? The Spirit of God could have done anything God wanted. God and His Spirit are limitless! But the point is NOT what God COULD have done, the point is what the scriptures say that God actually did! The Holy Spirit filled ALL of the apostles, and they ALL began speaking in other languages. That’s what the scripture says (V-4) Will you agree with the scriptures on this fact? PS: I have never heard it taught that only Peter spoke with other tongues. One of my best Christian friends is 88 years old, and came from Arkansas (the bible belt) and he has never heard this taught either.

      1. Brother,
        I agree that all the apostles spoke in Tongues! What I’m saying is that in vs.14 Peter was the only one speaking (that’s why it is called Peter’s sermon). Do you see that? I know I was very clear that the promise was to the apostle. I believe I have told you that before. But vs14 on to 36 Peter is the only One speaking! That’s what I have always been saying.
        Sometimes I get in a hurry trying to explain something I leave works out I’ll try to slow down.

        1. Brother David: Yes, of course it was Peter speaking in verses 14 thru 36. That’s exactly what v-14 says. What is the point you are making concerning that fact? I’ve never heard that fact denied by anyone. Would you please tell me what you believe is “the gift of the Holy Spirit” mentioned in verse 38? Verse 39 calls the gift, “the promise”. What is that promise which is made by the Holy Spirit, which is given to all faithful persons who will repent are be baptized?

          1. Brother,
            The gift of the Holy Spirit is, God’s wisdom, understanding, knowledge. Some people just say the word of God.
            But I think what most people miss is that in order to receive it a person has to study.
            But I also feel that we are in agreement in everything we have discussed. But we are not understanding each other. We are saying the same thing. But we are not connecting are our thoughts.
            So for right now, I’ll just try to continue studying your study on Acts. And if I have any questions or concerns on it. I will ask you about it. It is good to know that there still people willing to listen. The study of God’s word is very important.

          2. God has blessed us with another day. Thanks for your reply this morning. Please let me explain something about the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is true that the word of God, which gives us knowledge, and wisdom, and understanding, if we are willing to study it, is a gift from God. Just like Jesus Christ is a gift from God. However, that is not what the bible is referring to in Acts 2:38 when it speaks of the “gift of the Holy Spirit”. Many people think that the Holy Spirit Himself is the “gift” which we receive when we are baptized. They think that the Holy Spirit Himself is put inside of us, to dwell in us. That’s is what they believe is the “indwelling of the Holy Spirit”, which is spoken of in scripture. But that is not correct. In Acts 2:38, Peter said; “Repent, and let each one of you be baptized n the name of Jesus Christ (by His authority) for the forgiveness of your sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”. Then, his very next words were (verse 39) “For the PROMSIE is for you, and for your children, and for all ho are far off, as many as the Lord our God shall call to Himself.” Peter called the “gift” of the Holy Spirit, the “promise”! The gift is something that is promised to all who obey the gospel. The question then is; What was promised to us by God, through His Holy Spirit? The answer is given to us in 1 John 2:25; “For this is the promise which he Himself has promised us, Eternal life”. The “gift of the Holy Spirit” which was “promised” on the day of Pentecost is the promise of eternal life to the faithful! God gives us many “gifts”, such as Jesus Christ Himself, and the words of Christ and of the Spirit, but the “gift” specified on the day of Pentecost is the “promise of eternal life”. Do you see that this is what the bible is teaching? There are many things for us to learn from the bible. Let’s continue our study, shall we?

      2. Brother,
        I don’t know if you got my comment. So I thought I’d send it again! I do believe what vs.4 says they all could speak in tongues. I don’t think I have ever said any different.
        What I am say also though that in vs.14-36 that there Peter is the only One speaking that’s why it is called Peter’s sermon! I think we are agreeing with each other, just not understanding each other.

        1. Yes David, I received the comments. Thank you sir. Mutual understanding is sometimes difficult, that’s why open conversation is needed. Thanks again for your faith and willingness to study. If everyone would simply be willing to study and discuss, we could truly all come to the unity which God desires for us.

  7. Jim,
    Remember that it was after the crowd heard the rushing winds that the crowd came together! If you and I were speaking we wouldn’t be speaking together, specially if we were preaching, right. So it only makes sense they would either.
    Vs.14 Peter was speaking not all of them. And the crowd still saw and heard him speaking in their own languages? The other apostle were silent when Peter spoke. That just tells me to reason no way they would have been rude to each other or God. Can we agree on that? Don’t know if you got it the first time?

    1. “God is not the author of confusion..” (1 Cor 14:33). Therefore the speaking in tongues was not done in a confusing manner. But if the apostles had spread themselves out enough so as not to interfere with what one another was saying, then I see no reason why they could not have spoken simultaneously. But as I said before, this makes no difference at all. In verse 14, Peter was no longer speaking in tongues, but rather, he was explaining to his audience the meaning of what they had just witnessed and heard. Verse 4 says clearly that “they were ALL filled with the Holy Spirit, and began speaking in tongues..” So then all the apostles spoke in tongues. It doesn’t matter who spoke first, or last, or if they spoke at the same time. Verse 14 clearly says that it was Peter, who “took his stand” and gave the explanation of what was happening. But in all of this, the important thing to understand, is that the speaking in tongues, was a “sign” from God, that the apostles were indeed approved of by God, and they were about to speak the words of God, when they told the audience what the must do to be saved. That was the whole point of the event. The terms of salvation in Christ, and the terms of entrance into the kingdom, were about to be preached for the first time in history. And the listeners had to be shown, that the apostles had been chosen by God, to preach this gospel of the kingdom, and that what they said, were God’s words, and not their own. Thanks for your comments David. Do you see what the point of the event was? The kingdom of the Lord Jesus Chrsit had just come to mankind; This was an incredible event!

      1. Brother,
        I understand what are saying. And the explanation you given me is part of the message. But, than you are using to much imagination! To assume things are not facts. They were close enough so that Peter saw and heard the crowd and those that were sneering the other Apostles.
        But ,you are brother God is not an author of confusion. What you are saying is confusing? You are adding to what, is not there. Several things happened that day that are very important.
        1. A promise was kept
        2. A sign of authority was given to the 12
        3. Power of God was shown
        4. The reason for the gift had a purpose
        and that was so the gospel would
        spread to the world.
        The truth about what, who it , why it, where it, when it, happened to and the outcome of the happening. It’s important because outcome salvation thur Jesus Christ. But it is also important that it is preached how the word was spread. The beginning of something are the roots and they must be well grounded.
        That’s why this chapter is in the bible, that’s why God put it in there! So it’s important to get it right and teach it right! We can not teach opinions and assumptions, tongues speaking happen only three times mentioned in Acts! Tongues speaking happens for a reason too, it has it’s importance. The gift is from the Spirit of the Most High God.

        1. I think we are in agreement with everything. I’m not imagining what may be true or assuming anything about this Pentecost occasion. I’m saying that we know exactly what the bible says, and no more and no less. Your four points are absolutely correct. You agree that all miraculous gifts have ceased don’t you? And you agree that the gospel is spread from person to person, correct? We are the “vessels” which God has chosen to spread His word. Many people believe that God will give them a special miraculous message to help them know the truth. But the scripture states that faith comes by hearing the word of God. (Rom 10:17). And all knowledge of the truth has already been given. (2 Pet 1:3). Here’s a question for you concerning the “gift of the Holy Spirit” mentioned in Acts 2:38. Do you understand what that gift is?

          1. I understand perfectly what gift is as the bible says! But, what I do not understand is why are people do not want to say. What the Holy Spirit did and how the Spirit worked that day? How did 15 to 18 different nationalities, saw and heard in their own languages, if there was just one man (Peter) talking? Why are people so afraid to say what is very clear to see?
            You see Jim, this is how lukewarm preaching and teachings starts people specially preacher and elders are afraid to offend? They agree with everyone so that they won’t leave.
            As to your question do I believe the miraculous gift have ceased? Yes, that is clear, there are no more tongue speaking as in those days.
            But, I also believe that the Holy Spirit still is at work giving us wisdom! Or else God would not have told us to ask for it.(James 1) We are either spiritual or worldly as it says in (Jude 1:20).

          2. Please tell me what you believe the gift is, that the Holy Spirit promises to give us, upon our baptism. And I’m not understanding what you are referring to, when you say that “people don’t want to say”. And then again you said, “Why are people so afraid to say what is very clear to see?” What is it that “people area afraid to say”? Also it sounds like you are not understanding that ALL the apostles were filled with the gift of tongues, and they ALL spoke with tongues. That’s what verse 4 says. When the scripture says; “And they were ALL filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues”, don’t you believe that? “They ALL” means all of them. And yes, God does grant us wisdom and understanding through His Holy Spirit.

  8. Brother Jim,
    Sorry it has taken me so long to answer you. But I am having a lot problems with my Back, allergies and the the flu. And still I’m having these things. Please pray for me that thes things pass. I still have more that I would like to study with you. But, you know how the devil’s is always working against God’s people to show themselves approved before God. My heart was into every word that I have told you and always will be. May you have wonderful day I will pray for you too!

  9. Jim I have not forgotten you, it’s just that I am first writing what I want say than shorten it down. To make easier to understand. Because sometimes I kind of leave works out. Perhaps you have noticed. But I am working on a response I like to take breaks and other things to cool down my brain.
    By the way are you a preacher , elder or a member of the Lord’s church? Not that it matters, just like to know who I’m conversating with.
    Me am a member of the Lord’s church will be 68 in May this year. Married had three children all married. Been married for 50 yrs this DEC.

    1. God to hear from you. I am a preacher for the Lord’s church. We do not have any elders in our congregation though. I was 68 two weeks ago, married for 45 years this May, one son. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you again.

      1. Jim, I was answering your last comment and was almost finished and something happen. The App. disappeared and I lost everything I had written down, so I have to start over.
        So God willing I can do this afternoon. So brother for now all I have to say. That I hope that you have a good weekend. I have faith that God will bless you and help you prepare for our Lord’s day. With the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father may the Holy Spirit be with for tomorrow’s sermon!
        My day starts at 0300, with pray, studing, by 06:30 my wife is waking up and our day begins with order of business!
        So till next time,
        In Christ’s love
        With brotherly love

        1. All the same to you David. My sermon lesson for Sunday morning is “Neither Could They Blush”. For Sunday evening, “The Significance Of The First Day Of the Week; Pentecost”. We are studying the Holy Spirit in Sunday morning bible study class. Very interesting study! God bless. Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. Need to tell you alittle bit about myself. We became Christians in 1977 to 79. Was in the military at the time. When back and forward from ft Knox to Germany from 79 to 88. Retired. Stayed in Radcliff Kentucky till 2014. Came back to Texas where we are from. Settled Georgetown Texas. Being here since.
    I know what I have been taught and have been teaching for many years.
    But could you help me, with this question.
    What was the gift the apostles received and how was it that the people understood in their own language? I do not think I agree with what is being taught here in these congregation. I will tell you what I was taught many years ago, later into this conversation.

    1. David; Thanks for the background info. Concerning your questions, the bible gives us the answers. First of all, the gift that the apostles were given on the day of Pentecost is described in Acts 2:4; “And they (the apostles) were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit was giving them utterance.” The phrase “other tongues” means other languages, other than the language they normally spoke. This is commonly referred to today, as “the gift of tongues”. The language, or “tongue”, that the apostles normally spoke, was the language of the Galileans (people native to the region of Galilee). That is evidenced by the remark made in verse 7; “Why, are not all these who are speaking, Galileans?”

      The common language spoken in that area was what we call “Koine Greek” (I believe that is pronounced “Coin” Greek, and it means “common” Greek) The only other “tongue” that the apostles may have been somewhat familiar with, would have been the Hebrew language, possibly learned to some degree from the original Hebrew scriptures. Therefore, the people who were hearing them speak with “other tongues” couldn’t figure out how a group of men from Galilee, could be speaking in various languages from other regions where they had never been. Back in verse 4, the phrase “filled with the Holy Spirit” always means that the person (or persons) who were “filled” had been given a miraculous gift of some sort, given by the Holy Spirit. (We can talk about that later if you’d like)

      Now, as to how the other people present understood in their own language, that is the question that those people themselves asked in verse 8; “And how is it that we each hear in our own language to which we were born?” Here’s the explanation that the bible gives us.. Verses 9-11, names at least 15 other regions, where the people gathered in Jerusalem for the celebration of Pentecost, had come from. In other words, all those other regions, were the birthplaces, and homes, of all these various visitors to Jerusalem. And all these different regions, had different “tongues” or “dialects” or “languages” which they naturally spoke. It was no doubt the case that many of them also knew the common language of “Koine Greek”. But still they had their own “native” languages from their respective native regions, that they no doubt spoke when they were at home. So, here we have literally thousands of people from other regions, all gathered together in Jerusalem for the celebration of the day of Pentecost, and on that very day, here stands the apostles suddenly speaking all the different languages that these foreign visitors spoke in their home lands. Well, we can see why they were “amazed” as it says in verse 7; “And they were amazed, and marveled, saying; Why is it that we each hear them in our own language to which we were born?” I believe that logic would tell us that as one apostle was speaking one language, another would be speaking another language, and so on, thus allowing each one of the foreigners to be hearing his own native language being spoken.

      These verses that I have quoted, are the facts revealed in the scriptures. What different things have you heard other peope teach on the subject? When we simply rely on what the scriptures tell us, there really isn’t any confusion. Do you have any questions on this so far? If so, just ask, and I will do my best to show you the answers from the bible. God bless you David.

      1. Brother Jim,
        This is all very true, but the gift itself how it work this is our believe. Not just as far as I know in Kentucky, I believe it was also David Lipscomb Christian college. That I’m not to sure of but I do remember someone telling me this..
        First we must reread what it says in (James 1: 5-8) and probably the whole book. Without faith why even read the bible. All things that God, Jesus, the apostles, and Holy Spirit did you have to have faith,hope and love!
        The teaching are simple so many have missed it.
        1. The Holy Spirit came upon them as promised.
        2. They were able to speak in tongues (they) the apostles.
        3. Different nations the count 12-18, (people count different)!
        4. They heard (they) the nations heard in their own tongues!
        5. Must remember the Holy Spirit said it was the gift of tongues not hearing!
        6.They (nations) said they saw and heard this was two senses eyes and ears.
        7. Apostles did not all speak at the same time.
        8. Also than Peter stood up with the 11 and began (his) him only sermon.
        9. The people asked man and brethren what shall, we do?
        10. The same different nation that saw and heard in their own languages. These same nations saw and heard just Peter speaking!
        11. Do you have enough faith to believe what I have just described to you.
        12. Only one thing could have happened, that as many as different nations that were there saw and heard their own language coming out of Peter’s mouth! (15 to 18 languages) coming out of one mouth.
        13. Can the Holy Spirit do that, I believe it, that was what was so miraculous about the whole thing!
        Now Paul in (1 Cor 13: 1) says it there are two different kinds of languages (angelic tongue and human tongues). And this is also something else that is being taught wrong today!
        I don’t believe that I have added or subtracted anything from the word of God!
        Other thing taught are:
        There were interpreters,
        Apostles interpered for each other
        (Why if they understood in their own language).
        These things just do not add up. No matter how anybody trys to explain the account.
        Why is it so difficult for people to understand such a simple thing that God has told us in simple words?
        This is simply as I can put it.

        1. Thanks for your reply David. You mentioned several things in your reply, but let’s focus on one thing at a time, so that there is no misunderstanding about what the bible says. Going down your list, I see nothing to question concerning 1 thru 6. However, let me ask you something about #7. Since the bible never states specifically whether the apostles spoke one at a time, or all at the same time, why do you conclude that they did not speak at the same time? Verse 4 says; “And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit was giving them utterance.” Now, it’s stated quite clearly that they all were given this gift of tongues, and it’s also stated quite clearly that it was the spirit that was giving them their words, but it doesn’t say anything about whether the Spirit caused one of them to speak, and then the other, and so on, or whether the Spirit cause them all to speak at the same time. It may have cause confusion if they all spoke at the same time, but on the other hand, maybe not, because that would have allowed the various hearers, to all hear at the same time. We simply aren’t given that information. Would you agree then, that we cannot say for sure whether the apostles all spoke at the same time, or if they spoke separately?

          1. One more thing David. As to which apostle spoke when, or if any spoke at the same time; It doesn’t matter one way or the other does it? All that matters is the fact that the Holy Spirit was signifying that the words the apostles spoke, were from God. And the fact that they spoke in tongues that they had never learned, was the evidence that their words were from God. Also, what some people teach in Kentucky, or Wyoming, or at one college or another, makes absolutely no difference either. The only thing that matters is what the bible teaches. Wouldn’t you agree?

  11. Got it, pressed for time right now, but will study the menu. As soon as I can. Hope I will understand how to use it!
    Thank you

    1. Great David. When we get ready to study, just come back to this page, and begin our study by commenting, or asking a question in the comment area at the bottom of the page. Thanks David for your interest in the book of Acts.

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