Do Miracles Exist Today ? – Part 1



Do Miracles Exist Today?

Do miracles still exist today?  Does God perform miracles today, or do some people have the power to perform miracles?  Miracles such as healing the sick, or the lame, giving sight to the blind, casting out demons, prophesying about the future, speaking in tongues, or even raising the dead.


bible 4We’re going to go to the bible and allow God’s word to answer this question.  But in finding the answer to this, I am going to ask a few more questions along the way.  The first question I want us to ask is this, “What does the word “miracle” refer to, what does it mean?”  Second, I want us to ask,  “When have miracles occurred in the past?”  The third thing I want us to ask is, “What was the purpose for the miracles that occurred?”  If we first answer these questions, it will be easier for us to understand the answer to the original question, do miracles still exist today?”

So here we go, lets open up the bible, and see what God has to tell us.


The First Question;  What IS A Miracle?


red seaPeople today are in the habit of using the word “miracle” much too casually.  If something unexpected happens, people say;  It’s a miracle!  But that’s not what a miracle is, in the bible.

In the New Testament, one Greek word translated “miracle”, is used 9 times.  The plural form of that word is used another 15 times.  A second Greek word, also translated “miracles”, is used 8 more times.  So what do these words mean?

The first word translated miracle, means, “an indication, a supernatural sign or token, a wonder”.  So we see that as God uses the word in His scriptures, a miracle is an indication or a sign of something, or a token of something;  But in either case, it comes about supernaturally, by the power of God, and so it’s a “wonder”.   It isn’t simply something unusual and unexpected.  It’s supernatural!

Something that is supernatural, is something that is beyond the realm of the natural laws.  For instance when the clouds gather and it rains, it’s no miracle.  That’s the natural way for rain to come about, from clouds that hold moisture.  BUT, if there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, ANYWHERE, and it began to pour down rain, that would be beyond the laws of nature.  That would be a miracle.  I’m sure you can see the difference.

So then a characteristic of a miracle, is that it is supernatural in it’s origin.  A second characteristic of a miracle, is that it is an “indication”, or a “sign”.  This is getting into the “purpose” for the event that the bible calls a miracle.  So by it’s very definition, a miracle is for a particular purpose.  It’s purpose is to be a “sign”, or an “indication”, that what is happening is specifically, and act of God.



The second word that’s translated “Miracle” in the New Testament, means .. “power, strength, ability, and might”,  and it has the connotation of “supernatural” power and strength, and ability, and might.  So in other words, it refers to a power or ability that comes from beyond the natural laws of nature, and beyond man’s natural abilities.  It comes from God Himself!

So that’s what the bible is talking about, when it uses the words “miracle’ or “miracles”.  It’s talking about a “supernatural” sign.  It’s something that happens outside of the laws of nature, that therefore proves that the occurrence is caused by God.   For instance;  When Moses parted the waters of the Red Sea, in Exodus 14, verse 21;  That was obviously a miracle, an act of God.  Man doesn’t have the ability to do that, so it’s not an act of man.  And since it’s beyond the laws of nature, the mere fact that it occurred, shows it to be a miraculous act of God.  

In  John chapter 5,  we’re told about a man who had been lame for thirty-eight years, but Jesus said to him, in  verse 8;  “Arise, take up your pallet, and walk.”   Verse 9  says;  “and immediately the man became well, and took up his pallet, and walked.”  

Some lameness can be cured with medical attention, and therapy, but no man who’s been lame for thirty-eight years, immediately gets up and walks!  Therefore, the fact that such a thing happened, shows it to be a miraculous act of God.

Do you remember the story of Elijah and the rain?



The Second Question;  When Have Miracles Occurred?


The question of when miracles have occurred, is pertinent to the understanding of how God has used His miraculous power and might, and it is also pertinent to answering the question, “Do miracles still happen today?”  As one reads through the bible, it becomes apparent, that miracles were not a common everyday occurrence throughout history.  There were specific periods of time in which miracles have occurred.  The bible tells us of the various times in history when God used His supernatural power, to effect miracles.


The Creation


The creation account, Gen chap’s 1-2

God obviously used his supernatural power during the creation of the worlds;  During the creation of the expanse of the sky, and of the earth and the other planets, and of the stars and moon.  He used His miraculous power to create MAN, and every other living thing that exists upon the earth.


Stop Here…



Many people who call themselves evolutionists, don’t accept the fact that God created all these things.  They would rather believe that all this came about as a big “Accident”, a “Big Bang”.  But that’s not even logical!  When you look around you, and you see all that nature displays, and when you think of the amazing intricacies of life itself.  And when you think of the awesome size and power of the universe, and how ALL these things actually work together, and compliment one another, you can’t possibly believe that it’s all just an “accident”, and a “freak” occurrence.  There is intelligent design in everything we see, and even in the things we can’t see.

babyAnd that intelligence is far greater than the intelligence of any human being.  And if there is intelligent design, there is of necessity, a very intelligent DESIGNER!  And that designer is GOD!




An evolutionary belief, if followed down to it’s very beginning, core principle, says that physical matter, has come into being, from absolutely NOTHING!  But we know, that’s impossible.  Things don’t just appear “out of the blue”, for no reason, and without any cause.  There’s only ONE explanation, for the existence of everything that does exist.  And that explanation is, that there IS an eternal God who was the cause for everything that exists.   Everything came into existence, miraculously.



Continue Here……….


The apostle John, who wrote by the inspiration of the Spirit of God, recorded for us these words, speaking of the Christ, the Son of God,  “All things came into being by Him, and apart from Him, nothing came into being, that has come into being.”   John 1:3 

This is a clear statement that there is nothing that exists, that has come into existence, by any other method, besides by created by God, through Christ. 

It states in  Heb 11:3,  “By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen, was not made out of things that are visible.” 

The things that we see everyday, all the things that exist, were created by the word of God, in other words, by God’s WILL.  And they were made out of things that are  NOT visible.  Those “invisible things”, are the evidence of God’s supernatural powers, and might, and strength, and ability.

We read in  Romans 1:20,  “For since the creation of the world, His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.”  

Those without excuse, are those who deny God, and who “suppress the truth in unrighteousness”,  verse 18.

That doesn’t sound like any category of people that I want to be among, because the first part of  verse 18 says,  For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven, against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men…  who suppress the truth in unrighteousness.”

So we can easily see that the creation, was the first period of time in which the supernatural powers of God were used.  Does all of creation serve as a sign or an indication?  YES it does!  Go back again and read  Romans 1:20;  For since the creation of the world, His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse!” 

God uses all of creation, to serve as a sign, and as an indication of His presence, and of His power, and His ability.  Though God is invisible, His presence is clearly understood, and clearly proven, by what we see!


Here is an Important Point



After God had created all that he desired, as related to us in the first two chapters of the book of Genesis, was it necessary for God to keep performing miracles to keep the entire universe running?  Was it necessary for God to keep creating man and woman over and over again, and likewise every other living creature?  Well, the answer is of course NO.  Within God’s creation, the means by which everything is sustained, was created also.

The plants yield their seed, to reproduce after their kind.  The animals yield their seed, to produce after their kind.  Read in particular  Gen chapter one, verses 11-12,  and then,  verses 21-25.   God said in these verses, that all these living plants and animals should reproduce,  “after their own kind”. 

In  Gen 1:26-27,  God tells us how He created man, both male and female.

In Our own image”, “according to Our likeness”.  Then in  verse 28,  God said to them;  Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea, and the over the birds of the sky, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”  

God makes it crystal clear from the beginning, that He has given MAN, the responsibility, to rule over all the earth, over every other living thing.  And man is to rule as GOD would rule, with respect and care, for all that God has created. 


Do you remember the point?


The point to all this is; that once God had finished His creation, there was no need for MORE miracles, with respect to the things already created.  God has set things in motion, and now they take care of themselves, and will CONTINUE to take care of themselves, until God says to stop.   Heb 1:3  tells us that God,  “Upholds all things by the word of His power”. 

2 Peter 3:7   reveals that,  “The present heavens and earth, BY HIS WORD, are reserved for fire, KEPT for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men.”  The heavens, and the earth, and all things created, continue to exist, “by His word”.  And when God’s word says so, all things will cease to exist.  All these things are being “kept” for the day of judgment. 

2 Peter 3:10  tells us,  “But the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar, and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and it’s works will be burned up.”

God has set things in order, and they will stay in order, until the end of time, or as Peter wrote, until  “the day of the Lord”.  No miracles are needed to keep the heavens and the earth functioning, as God has ordained.  God tells us in  Gen 2:1-2;  “Thus the heavens and the earth were completed, and all their hosts.  And by the seventh day, God completed his work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.” 

Now God could “sit back” so to speak, and let “nature take it’s course”.  All creation came about miraculously, but now it continues “naturally”.  The first time that the sun appeared in the sky, it was a miracle.  But now when the sun appears in the sky, it’s just a law of nature.  



The wonders of nature are truly beautiful and wondrous, but they’re not miracles.


No More Miracles for at least 1656 years

I hope that I have wet your appetite, to learn more about miracles, and about God’s word.  After the creation, at least 1656 years went by, before any more miracles are recorded for us.  Miracles certainly weren’t an everyday thing, were they?

I’m going to have to close for now, but I promise that I will continue to let the bible answer the question as to whether miracles are still happening today.   Be sure to read,  “Do Miracles Exist Today? – Part 2”, and also,  “Do Miracles Exist Today? – Part 3”.   The final Part 4, will be coming soon.  I’ll look forward to studying with you more on this subject.

But for now, keep reading God’s word, and if you have any questions about what we’ve covered so far, be sure to leave your questions or comments, in the comment area below.  Thank you for studying God’s word with me today, and may God bless you.





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  1. Good night and thanks for sharing this article, I believe that God still works in supernatural wasy today as he did in bible days, He is a God of miracles, many times a patient is heal of some life threathing sickness and there is nothing that the doctor can do, then as Gods will for that person he steps in. He is a miracle working God that moves in supernatural ways.

    1. It’s interesting to me that God can work in ways that we would never imagine. I don’t see God working actual miracles, and the bible clearly says that miracles have ceased to be, but God can still be active through His normal avenues of nature. I agree that sometimes doctors have all but given up, well, they have given up, but a patient got better anyway. God very well may have been the force of healing, but we couldn’t prove it, because He works through His natural processes. The body can heal itself, sometimes without God’s help, but other times I’m sure, with His help. As long as we keep believing what the bible says, “All things are possible with God”. Thanks so much for your visit here and for you comments, They are much appreciated, and may our God bless you richly as you strive to do His will.

  2. Love this post, i strongly believe miracles happen every day were to wrapped up in football and celebrity to notice them.

    I am not a religious person but I do believe there is a designer of us and this planet, humans and life in itself is a miracle, it’s a miracle how it all fits into place.

    I went through a really bad time a few years ago with depression and a friend said why don’t you talk to god and ask him why he is challenging me and say thank you.

    I never understood that but I thought what the hell and I did and this is no lie I must have had a truthful heart to heart with him.

    and within seven days, I noticed little cues and i found a girl who i am now engaged to and got the dream job i always wanted coincidence maybe but I believe he heard me crying for help and guidance and I believe this was a miracle, as he never said a word but offered a path i just had to accept him and follow the path, I will never forget that time of my life

    1. Hi Steven. We definitely do get too wrapped up in this world to even notice what God has done for us, let alone appreciate what He has done. When we read His word, that’s when we area able to start appreciating what He has done. I believe that we have to realize our need for God also. If we keep thinking that we are self sufficient, we won’t see any need for God. But when something like you referred to happens, well then we’re not so proud and self-reliant. God does have a way of humbling us. It’s called life. And our life should be revolving around Him and not us. Thanks so much for your comments. Remember, “Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.” Mat 7:7, May God bless you, Jim.

  3. With respect, I am not religious but I do believe in a higher power. Just cannot define it.
    On the subject of miracles I believe every day we witness miracles. Just the fact we wake every day, nature and her way are a miracles.
    Yes I believe we have a purpose in our lives and we have a common consciousness, that when we combine is very powerful. Thank you for sharing Cheers kev

    1. Hi Kevin, thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is quite obvious that there is a higher power isn’t it? When we look around at nature we are in awe of it’s beauty and of it’s wonders. And with all due respect to you also Kevin, here’s where we get into the habit of using the word “miracle” too loosely. When we see the wonders of nature, we are in awe over it’s greatness, because we are looking at God’s creation. But we are looking at “nature”. It is certainly miraculous, how it all came about, but now that it is functioning as God has directed, what we see is “natural”. Even the word in the bible which is translated “nature”, means “growth by germination or expansion”, “natural production, lineal descent”. By God’s “supernatural” power, He has created something which now is “natural”. Do you see the difference?

      Again, thank you Kevin for your input, and I know you are correct when you say there is a higher power. You are also correct in saying we all have purpose in our lives and a common consciousness. I pray that you use this consciousness to the best of your ability. May God bless you, Jim. Oh yes, one more thing. How to define that higher power. Moses once asked God what to say if the Egyptians asked him who he was sent by, and God told him, “I Am who I Am”. Tell them “I Am” has sent you. Exodus 3:14. There’s nothing more to say is there? God is the Eternal One, the “I Am”!

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