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Evidence Of God


EvidenceIs there evidence that God exists?  If there is any evidence, where is that evidence?  What is that evidence?  I would like to answer those questions, WITHOUT using the bible.  That’s actually quite a switch, from the whole purpose of this website.  Our purpose here is to let GOD answer our spiritual questions.  And so we’ve always gone straight to God’s word for our answers.  For this topic, we can indeed go to God’s word, but there’s a problem there.  For someone who doesn’t believe in God, going to a source that claims to be God’s word, is useless.  Therefore, I want to offer you what I believe is the best evidence that God exists, without using the bible.




Human Reasoning


imagesS95O1WLIWhat I do want to appeal to in presenting evidence of the existence of God, is your ability to reason.  No matter where this ability to reason came from, everyone must agree, that we do have that ability.  And all that I ask of you, is for you to use this ability that you have, to make rational judgments, based on the evidence available.  In a court of law, we are asked to make a decision which in our eyes, is “beyond a reasonable doubt”.  That’s what I ask of you today.  Take a look at the evidence that I present, and make a reasonable and rational decision based on that evidence.  I believe that our ability to reason, will be the best evidence that God exists.




The World Around Us


imagesWMC0VR3WThe first piece of evidence that I want you to consider is everything that you see all around you.  Everything of a physical nature, including our bodies, all other animals, plant life, the sun and moon the earth.  Everything in this universe, came from somewhere, and there is some reason for it’s existence.  Some say that the reason for everything that exists, and the reason that everything functions so well together, and in harmony, is simply “chance”.  What’s the chances of that?  IS there really any chance of that?  consider the intricacies of the human body.  Oh I know that there are diseases that can ravage the body, and make it fail.  But when disease is not present, and when all systems are running “normally”, is it simply by “chance” that it all came about like that?


Consider the human body on the cellular level.  Consider chromosomes, and genes, and other things of this nature.  What’s the chances of all this coming together without a “creator”, and a “designer”?  Now consider all the different animal life that exists.  Though there are indeed, differences in the different species, yet all the similarities are simply amazing.  All this suggests a “designer”, No, it doesn’t only “suggest” a designer, it “demand”s a designer.  Things don’t just happen by chance, over and over again, with such precision.  Every plant yielding fruit after it’s kind.  Every living animal yielding offspring, according to it’s kind.  And human beings, not only producing after their kind, but producing the ability to reason, and to rationalize, and to feel compassion and love, and to be able to “judge” between right and wrong.  All these things DEMAND an intelligent “designer”, and a “creator”, and a “sustainer”.



Beauty, Wonder, and Awe!


imagesYB3JBT0KWhen we look at the world around us, we’re impressed with it’s beauty.  We look and we wonder, about the forces that caused it all to be.  And we stand in awe of the intricacies, the grandeur, the precision, the vastness, and the reliability, of the way it all functions together.  And people look at all this, and they come to the conclusion that it happened by “chance”?





I believe that as one considers all of these “wonders”, all around us, that they DECLARE to us, the power and the intelligence of a Creator.  People may disagree with the nature of the Creator, who is responsible for all this.  But to deny that the only REASONABLE explanation for life, and for the entire universe, is that a powerful Creator has created these things,  goes against all that IS reasonable.



Science and Scientific Knowledge


ScienceLet’s consider science itself, and the knowledge that man has accumulated about the science of things, throughout the centuries, and even the millenniums.  There are certain scientific “Laws” that man has discovered, that are sure and steadfast, and never change.  Consider what we know about energy.  It takes energy to accomplish anything.  You and I must exert energy, to do everything that we do.  The sun puts out energy from it’s heat.  Energy is “force”.  Nothing can exist without some kind of energy to drive it.  Where did the energy come from, that caused all things to come into existence, that do exist?  Even if there was, at one time long, long ago, a “big bang”, that released the energy to “start the ball rolling”, so to speak.  Where did the energy come from that created the “Big Bang”?



I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, and conclude that I believe in the “Big Bang” theory, because I most assuredly don’t.  But, for the sake of discussion, even those who DO believe in this theory, are at a loss to try to explain, what caused the “Big Bang” in the first place.  And the reality of the situation is, there IS no explanation.  It is imposible for something to come into existence, out of nothing.  There at least had to be some kind of “Energy” present, that exerted it’s force, to cause all this to happen.  And that Energy, is the “Creator” of all things.  There simply is, NO other reasonable explanation for life and matter to exist.  Period!  That’s all there is to it.  There is no other answer for the existence of what we see all around us, every second of every day of our lives, except for the prescence of a Creator.



Right and Wrong


imagesNPUUT9SILet’s talk about “right and wrong”.  Do you believe that there are some things that are right, and some things that are wrong?  Most people, even atheists and evolutionists, believe in right and wrong.  That’s simply a fact.  You might find some people in this world, who don’t believe in right and wrong, such as those who will kill another human being for no other reason than the fact that they felt like doing that, at that particular moment.   But that is certainly not what humanity in general has felt, for as long as history has been recorded.  Some societies believe differently from other societies, about exactly WHAT is right, and what is wrong, but man has always had some conception in his mind about the idea of right and wrong.



Where did this idea of right and wrong come from?  Are social values, which is really what right and wrong is, the kind of thing that can “evolve” in a particular species of life?  Can a tree, or a rock, for instance, possibly “evolve” some day, into a being that has the conception of right and wrong?  That doesn’t even sound reasonable, does it?



images9XMMY8HMThere is a professed atheist named Bart Ehrman, who claims to believe that it is “right” to help your fellow human being.  Mr. Ehrman actually is a philanthropist who has indeed given large sums of money to do just that.  To help his fellow man by providing food, and medical attention, and shelter, to those in need.  And all these things are good things.  But Mr Ehrman claims to also believes that he has simply “evolved” into a person who believe that this is right.  Bart Erhman used to be a beliver in God and the bible, but he has changed his mind.




imagesMF80KXAGHe is thought of as being a “New Testament Scholar”, and is currently a professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hills.  Now I have yet to figure out how you can be a professor of religious studies, and be an atheist at the same time.  And I also have my doubts whether you can actually be a scholar in something that you don’t believe in.  But I have personally listened to a debate that Mr Ehrman had with Kyle Butt, a Christian, and a preacher, and a teacher, and an apologetist of God’s word.  He presently works for Apologetics Press.  And Mr Ehrman affirms that he indeed, does NOT believe in God, or in Jesus as the Son of God.





An Evolutionary View of Right and Wrong


Now, when I use the phrase, “an evolutionary view of right and wrong”, I do so with a little bit of a “tongue in cheek” approach.  And this is true because the idea of evolution, and the idea of right and wrong, are contradictory ideas.  So, “an evolutionary view of right and wrong” is a contradiction of terms.  But, that is indeed Mr. Ehrman’s view.  He believes that he has evolved into a person who believes helping his fellow man is “right”.  So, allow me to take you down this journey of thought…



images2P532X7WWhat would make someone like Mr. Ehrman think he was right?  By the very nature of evolution, there IS no right, there is only “chance”.  Let’s consider the tree again.  It may be a very beautiful tree.  It may be full of very luscious fruit, or beautiful leaves that turn brilliant colors in the fall.  But is that tree “right” because it has evolved into a tree, and not into a flower?  What about a beautiful horse, grazing in a beautiful meadow, or on a mountain hillside.  Is that horse “right” because he has evolved into a horse, and not a pig?  Is the pig “wrong” because he hasn’t evolved  into a rooster?



Is a man “right”, because he has somehow evolved into someone who holds to certain “values”, as opposed to a man who holds to other “values”?   Or is the man, who has “evolved” into someone who believes that joining ISIS is the proper thing to do, and that murdering everyone who believes otherwise, is HE “right”?   What about an African beast, say a lion or a tiger, who comes into a village, and mauls and kills, and eats, the village people.  Is he “right” because he has evolved into the creature that he is?



Completely Irrational


In any of the scenarios that we’ve considered, it is completely irrational to think that there is any possibility of something being right and wrong, simply because it has “evolved” that way.  There IS no right or wrong, in the evolutionary theory.


There IS no rationality, in thinking that everything that exists, came into being without a pre-existing source of energy to create it.



imagesZBWOO8OJimages8NLXT8QUThere IS no rationality, in thinking that all that exists, with all of it’s intricate design, and all of the vastness of the universe, and the fact that it all functions TOGETHER, from the tiniest atoms, to the DNA of life, to the planets revolving around the suns, and the moons revolving around the planets, and together they work like a fine tuned watch, and even MORE reliably that anything man has ever created..  That all this happened by “chance”.





The Best Evidence That God Exists


Our own ability to reason, our own mental capabilities, our own rational mind, everything that exists, THIS is the best evidence that God exists, that anyone could ever ask for.


“For since the creation, His invisible attributes, His eternal power (that’s energy), His divine nature (that’s love for doing what’s right), have been clearly seen, being understood (that’s reasoning) through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.  For even though they knew God (it’s obvious that He exists), they did not honor Him, as God, or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened.  Professing to be wise, they became fools.”  Romans 1:20-22. 



Thank you for examining the “evidence” that God exists.  If you have any comments or questions, I hope that you will leave your remarks in the comment area below.  May God bless you.









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      1. I experienced lag our god if you want today i stuck my hand in the shower took it out and it was dry than got wet in that same spot 3 seconds later when i wasnt near water im starting to believe the simulation theory

    1. There are thousands of places in the solor system there is a good chance of it being luck that our planet survived all around us are non functioning planets so if god made us why didn’t he make the planets near us sustainable why is the sun going to kill us in 6 billion years why are humans so cruel us as a spiecies are destroying this planet with pollution and death murdering spieces even though we are blessed to choose to not to and eat vegetables and fruit why are we such a terrible spieces if god exists he is a jerk watching us suffer enough to kill ourselves watching poor animals getting slaughtered and doing nothing watching us destroy the planet he made . I dont believe in him but if i go to heaven ill attempt to kill him so nobody else has to suffer

  1. I feel that anyone who claims to know the intent and reasoning of an entity powerful enough to have created everything is living in a world of unimaginable arrogance. Tell me that you hope…as I do…that there is a loving, creator god. Tell me you hope such a god would want me to be a good person. I’m on board. However, when you start coming at me with facts and proof and scripture, then that’s when I say, “Nice talking to you, but I have to go.” We have hope and that’s all we have. Like you, I hope it all comes true. To say that I know it will come true is to say I know God’s mind. Sorry, I’m not that arrogant.

    1. Thanks Chuck for your comments. The only part of God’s mind that we can know, is the part that he has revealed to us in His word. We can know nothing else. But fortunately for us, God has revealed enough of His mind, and of His will for us, that we can be saved eternally. God has revealed to us that he exists. (And He also has said that all of His creation already reveals His existence. See Romans 1:20) God has revealed to us that He has come in the flesh, in the person of Jesus, for the purpose of suffering and dying on our behalf, and shedding His blood, so that we can be forgiven of our sins. And God has revealed many of His own characteristics, in 2 Peter 1:6-7, and also in Galatians 5:22-23, and in many other places in the scriptures. And He ahs revealed to us that He expects us to imitate these very characteristics in our own lives also. Was there anything in specific that you were referring to, that God has NOT revealed to us, tat you would like to talk about? Yes, I’m making the claim that there is a God, and that He is the loving creator. And that He does want us to be loving as well. But then, these are simply some of the things that he has revealed to us in His word. Without His word, we would know nothing! Can we discuss more about God and His word?

  2. I think it really comes down to faith. Throughout my life, I have experienced many miracles and God moments. You know those times when you are thinking about someone and they appear just when you need them to be there. (that is God). There is evidence of God everywhere. But you have to be willing to receive and be open to Gods love.

    1. Hi Wendy. It is all about faith isn’t it? You might enjoy the article called “How is faith the evidence of things not seen”. It’s a very good explanation of what faith is. God is all around us in everything He has created. That’s why God says in Psalm 19:1, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” The evidence of God is truly all around us. And we just need to open our eyes and our minds and accept it. What do you think about the providence of God? How do you believe He works in our lives?

  3. Hello there,
    I was curious as to what sort of evidence of god can you provide to me since I am an atheist. And I just have to say that I have no real answer to your evidence. You saying “Our own ability to reason, our own mental capabilities, our own rational mind, everything that exists, THIS is the best evidence that God exists, that anyone could ever ask for.” is , well, kind of not good enough to me. I myself am more of a practical person, I am studying mechanical engineering and I believe in what I see and what I can prove. And pretty much nobody can change my opinion about that.
    I do have to say this one thing that could give you something to chew on: “Nothing is true and everything is possible”. Everything we live and believe in just some “fugazzi”, it doesn’t exist. It’s just some form of an illusion and there are 1000000 truths and all of them are true and none is true at the same time.

    1. Hello my friend. I appreciate your thought. When I talk about using our ability to reason, I refer to looking around you and observing all that exists. Especially the intricacies of the human body for instance and also the vastness of the universe. It doesn’t seem rational to me at all to not wonder how all this came to be. And it doesn’t seem rational to me either to just say, ‘well, it all just happened”. You use practicality as one of your foundational points. Well it’s not practical, knowing how things of this world work and function, to think that anything can come into existence by itself, without the hand of a greater power at the source of it. As a matter of fact, science itself proves without a doubt, that nothing can occur without a reasonable and foundational CAUSE for it t happen. What caused all that you see around you everyday to come into being. And we can’t just shrug it off and say it was evolution, because eventually you have to go back to an inevitable “beginning” that thing would have evolved FROM. Where did that which things evolved from, come from? Do you see the rationality of it all. There is absolutely no rational for thinking that things happened without some force making them happen. The world around us teaches us that fact clearly, and definitely. So science and physics and engineering all support the fact that nothing happens out if it’s own existence. It all happens for a logical and rational reason. And that reason is that there is a power out there, greater than anything we can imagine, that caused it all to happen. I’ll be looking forward to your feelings about this. Thanks for commenting. I really do appreciate it. Jim.

      1. Well, what can I say about this. It’s obviously rational to think that everything has a start somewhere. And if you don’t know the start of it you just assign it to god ? I have a good counter-thinking to your thinking.
        Did you know that at the start, people used to believe in multiple gods, they still do. The god of rain, god of sun – In Ancient Egypt – Ra. They believed that the god of son was the reason that son was coming up every morning. Why did they believe that ? Because they didn’t know that sun actually circles around the earth and that earth is actually round.
        Now, I will also apply that to what we have today. We can not just assign something that is not fimiliar to us, something that we don’t know how happened – To god.
        Sooner or later, a logical explanation will arise – When we advance enough as species. The same as it happened with the explanation to where does the sun come from.

        1. Thanks again for your thoughts, I find this very interesting. But actually in the very beginning, people knew that there was only one God, because that one God interacted with them personally. It wasn’t until later on that man’s thinking started to wonder if there weren’t more gods than just the one. So that’s actually how the multi-god concept happened. In the beginning man knew the one God, then later man started using his own “reasoning”. Let me say that you wouldn’t have to use the term God, to assign what we don’t understand to the existence of some kind of power that is responsible for things to have begun. But there is no escaping the fact that everything had to begin somewhere and somehow. I mean that’s just a necessity of any kind of rational thinking. It all had to begin somehow. So where did matter come from. Should we believe that matter has existed eternally, and that matter then started evolving? Where did it come from? When you view the writings of man, from the earliest writings till now, the skill of writing has evolved, but the nature of man has not. Man has proved himself to be the same always. And we have no reason to believe he will ever be any different. Archeologists can uncover bones and skulls and ‘assign” a time period to them and “assign” a species to them, but they are just guessing. They don’t know any of that for certain, and certainly could never prove it. What some think to be a predecessor of man, is just another species of animal, just like man is a species of animal. The difference being, man has an eternal spirit, while other animals do not. I realize that I can’t prove to you that we have an eternal spirit, but that is what faith is all about. I do appreciate your views and your comments. this is simply a topic of great interest to me. Thanks again, Jim. Oh, by the way, where di the sun come from? Since you agree that it came from somewhere, where did it come from? And when we establish where it came from, where did what the sun came from, come from? And so on and so on. Thanks.

  4. I love your website. It looks and feels great. Very easy to follow. As a Christian I agree with you! The existence of God can be proving in many ways. And we have to believe some pretty impossible things to believe that God does not exist and all of the scientific marvels like the human eyeball to name one of many are just cosmic accidents.

    It is important that we lay out a case to those who do not believe instead of just brushing them off as if we are better than anyone. We are saved by the Grace of God so we should be graceful in others. Thank you for doing the hard work of putting your thoughts on paper and online!!!

    What do you find the biggest obstacle of people believing in God?

    1. Hello my friend. Thanks so much for visiting the site and for leaving your comments. I agree with what you’ve said. The bible stresses often the fact that since we are saved by god’s grace, we should be thankful and extend our love and graciousness to others. As for people who do not believe in God; I think maybe the subject of all the suffering and pain of this world, leads people to think there can’t be a God. It’s hard to get people to understand that this life is only a time of preparing for the life to come. People can’t see beyond the present time. Yes, there is suffering, but that can serve to help us understand the difference between the two eternal destinies that await. Eternal suffering of hell, or eternal bliss of heaven. Let’s pray for all people to come to the knowledge and the obedience of faith. God bless you.

  5. Amen to this article!! I pray for every single soul out there that at least does not believe in some kind of spiritual being, but of course God will forever be the one and only true Holy One! I had a debate a few days ago with some friends of some of the exact things you mentioned in this post, and it’s just insane how some people are so blind to the fact that all of what we see before us was masterfully created by an omnipresent being. It kills me how some are just so naive.

    1. Hi Ashlee, thanks so much for your comments. I just wish I could reach everyone in the world, so that they could at least read these thoughts. We all have the same choices. God has blessed you with an understanding of His presence through all that He has created. But it’s just like the scriptures say in 1 Cor 1:21, “For since in the wisdom of God, the world through it’s wisdom, did not come to know God; God was well pleased through the foolishness of the message preached, to save those who believe.” …. “But God has chosen the foolish things of the world, to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world, to shame the things which are strong.”

      God’s wisdom is far above man’s. I join you in praying for all people to come to their senses. May God bless you.

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